Irmina and Peter Klenovšek - Arhideja Architecture Studio 
Irmina Klenovšek, born in 1965 in Kranj, Slovenia.
Following her graduation at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana in 1992, Irmina continued her professional path with additional training at the Online Interior Design School in Belgrade. After perfecting her interior furnishing design skills, she opened her own interior design studio in 1995.

Peter Klenovšek, born in 1965 in Koper, Slovenia.
Peter was initially presented with a chance to study mechanical engineering, yet he exchanged that opportunity for management studies in London. In 1996, he successfully completed his studies and gave two years of his professional life to an English company specializing in furnishing prestigious London hotels.

Arhideja Architectural Design Studio has been flourishing under the guidance of Irmina and Peter since 2001.