Perfected according to complete interior design plans, this attic apartment was adapted to the wishes of a young couple fascinated with furnishing elements boasting the authentic feel and presence of natural materials like stone and wood. Large and roomy, the attic space was, initially, in a raw state, without installations, screed and other coatings. We were able to let our imagination run free during the process of designing interior furnishings, as nothing was limiting our creative endeavours but two bearing walls that did not allow any intervention.

We decided to create an open layout with wide transition areas, so that a part of the living space is visible immediately upon entering the apartment. By enlarging the window apertures, we managed to highlight the open and airy nature of this attic apartment, and fill it with extra light. In addition to timeless white, we bathed the walls and furniture in grey tones ranging from dark grey shades in the kitchen to moderately dark grey walls in the living area. To complement these tones, we added furniture and doors in very light shades. In order to mellow out the contrast between white and grey, we added wood and natural stone for a perfectly balanced interior.