Contemporary houses and apartment units are increasingly featuring living rooms that have kitchen and dining areas joined into a unified space. Our creative drive pushes us to design large, light and open spaces providing our clients’ homes with a relaxing feel, a safe haven to withdraw to when they need a break from the outside world.  Living rooms, in particular, are, above all, intended for “dolce far niente” – idleness and rest.
Every family consists of a certain number of family members with, usually, very different ideas of what comfort actually means – it can be a soft armchair perfect for reading a book, the warmth of a rug designed for pleasurable lounging at the fireplace, or a large luxurious sofa for watching TV.
Our projects include furnishing elements manufactured by producers ensuring the mellowness of furnishing pieces always feels pleasant to the touch, and that it boasts durable quality as well as timeless beauty.

Living rooms are also intended for social gatherings with friends and family, but it is important for us to like the space first, as only then will our guests be excited by it, too.