In addition to basic living and sleeping areas, modern houses and apartment units increasingly feature other spaces intended for exercise, relaxation and social gatherings.    

Thus, modern homes usually boast a special area created and furnished to serve as a retreat, a place where time is spent daydreaming, reading books, or simply doing nothing, but trying to slow down the pace of life.
A sauna is also one of those spaces that help us relax, calm our nerves and revitalize our spirit, and it offers us a chance to really enjoy the entire ritual of taking care of our bodies. Every such additional space, however, needs to be pleasing to the eye and technologically perfected down to the last detail. For example: exercise at home can only be done properly when the in-house gym offers enough space and an interesting layout so that on those rainy days jumping on a stationary bicycle or any other piece of fitness equipment doesn't feel like a daunting task.

Apart from the living room, a special guest room can also be used for relaxing and socializing, as long as it is furnished as a separate unit that doesn't disturb the family living dynamics.