The owners of this house were deciding between classic and modern “skeleton frame” house construction. Due to time constraints, the skeleton frame house won the battle of ideas, despite the fact that such construction was sure to increase the budget somewhat.

The extensive floor area demanded the inclusion of luxuriously designed interior furnishing elements. Our wish was to create light, pleasant and airy spaces, which is why white dominates the interior and is complemented by natural materials.

Engineered as brushed and oiled parquet flooring in the communal living areas of the house, oak wood also covers the bar counter surface, and it is present in the form of a dining table. Combined with indirect lighting, these details create a pleasant atmosphere.

Our clients were delighted with the idea of placing a swing in the living room: a detail that would normally be found in garden areas, however, once inside the house, a swing becomes an extravagant addition that will serve its own purpose throughout the year, all the while providing a central activities spot and a comfy nest perfect for the pleasures of idleness.