White stands for perfection and clarity. Combined with red, blue and green, it transforms into gentle undulation. The significance of white is oriented around purity, fulfilment and completeness. White is the colour of new beginnings; it awakens our innate openness, and spurs growth and creativity.

The use of white in appointing interior space is recommended if we wish to increase our sensuality and intuitive powers.

Radiating mostly neutral energy, white is the lightest and brightest among all colours.

This house is owned by an elderly intellectual couple in love with the colour white. It was adorned with a mostly white interior gently balanced out by the colour of natural wood present in the form of oiled parquet flooring and wooden window frames.

Inspired by fine and technologically perfected furnishing elements, the owners perceive the colour white as a symbol of freshness, ease and elegance. Moreover, the colour reflects their perfectionist nature, their charisma, and their creative spirit.

The character of the owners of this house is present in each and every decorative item carefully selected to complete this wonderful interior design story.